Designer Saree collection for Dussehra

India are excite to celebrate this festival. This excitement is all about dress, fun and joy. The dussehra saree are the graceful sarees of attractive colours and designe with nice embroidary. Be it any upcoming festival such as Dussehra, Designer saree collection has a perfect saree for every festival.

Women usually love to dress on such festivals. Mostly women saree is preffered in every festival. Saree is the traditional outfit of women.

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This saree have good embroidary. It make good quality net and silk. Rate 9000 (20%off) on 30 september 2017. Limited offer!


This saree have heavy embroidary. Experienced worker make this saree. Experience designer make the saree design. Rate 11000 (10% off) on 30 september 2017. Limited offer!


This saree design make by thread. You admire saree border. Border of saree is black but under border make embroidary of golden thread. Rate 9500 (10% off) on 30 september 2017. Limited offer!


This saree make good quality net. This saree is fully net. You admire saree sparkling. It make small sparkle stone. This saree border make golden chiffon cloth. Rate 1050 (20% off) on 30 september 2017. Limited offer!


This saree make good quality material. This saree pallu border design make thread. Border of saree is simple but looking attractive. Rate 5000 (10% off) on 30 september 2017. Limited offer!


This saree make by experienced worker. Bottom of this saree is very attractive. Design of bottom make sparkle stone, golden thread etc. Rate 13500 (20% off) on 30 september 2017. Limited offer!


This saree is one of the best sarees. Border of this saree make heavy embroidary. Small sparkling stone is used in middle of saree. Rate 16000 (20% off) on 30 september 2017. Limited offer!


In saree good quality material are used. Pallu of saree have white dot for looking nice. Border of saree is simple but looking good. Blouse of saree Design is made by thread. Rate 6000(20% off) on 30 september 2017. Limited offer!

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Bollywood saree Collection

Saree is one of the traditional outfit worn by women in india.
Saree is most preferred custom during the wedding. Saree is
not just a cloth but its gives women a modes and gorgeous
look. There are huge rate of saree. Sarees are depend on their
fabric and weaving skills used in making it. Heavy sarees are
used in mostly wedding ceremonies. Simple sarees are used in
mostly smaller occasion. Bollywood actress also wear sarees. Saree is the favorite outfit of bollywood actress. In any occasion actress wear mostly sarees.

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Collection for Navratri

First day of navratri sarees,

Shailputri maa is the first amongst navadurga which is worshipped.


Navratri are starting soon! Get ready to celebrate this festival. The Navratri festival is a colorful celebration. Each color play a important role of Navartri. Navratri color are the symbol of maa durga avtars.

On the first day of durga puja, it starts with the worship of shailputri maa. Shailputri maa is the first amongst navadurga which is worshipped. It will be celebrated on 21st September 2017. The color of that day is yellow. Yellow is the color of that day for devotees. The first day of navratri called pratipada. Goddess durga is worshipped as shailputri. The meaning of shailaputri os shail means mountain and putri means daughter it words derived from sanskrit. The goddess durga is believed to have the power of brahma, vishnu, and shiva. This day all women choose only yellow color saree.

Then, see the image of our collection.

Designer saree collection offer a one of the latest saree for navratri.

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Latest Saree Collection

Welcome to designer saree collection.

We are Indians, so according to Indian culture, saree is the favorite outfit for every woman.In Indian culture, a saree is represented it a better look. Saree are available with newly designed. Indian saree is most popular for their design and wearing. Saree are designed by the experienced workers. If you are looking for a pretty saree to wear for a party.

Then, we discuss types of saree.

Banarasi Saree- This is the most popular and nice quality saree.Top quality silk is used to make this saree. In Bengal, most women wear this saree and she is looking gorgeous.


Bandini Saree-This saree is handmade. In Gujarat, this saree is designed by the experienced worker. This saree made on using pure silk. It saree is top quality silk saree.


Kanjeevaram Saree- Saree is made from traditional woven silk thread. The color of this saree is attractive. They are elegant refined and graceful, all in one drape.                                                                                IMG_20170911_203827

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Navratri Saree Collection

durga maa

Navratri Special

In 2017, Navratri begins on sep 21 and sep 30. Navratri is one of India’s famous festivals that is celebrated for a day with joy and fun. Dandiya and Garba dances are the two most common forms of traditional dancing that take place during this time. India are excited to celebrate this festival because full of goddess , joy , fun.

Nav means nine and ratri means night this word derived from sanskrit. So it means nine nights of fun and joy. Navratri festivals is celebrated by worship of goddess durga and a different avtars. Navratri puja starts with shaiputri maa and end with siddhiratri maa. In nine days of navratri enjoy with a lot of fun.

Then, nine days of navratri have different colour. Women wear different colour of saree in Navratri festival. So we are available all colour designer sarees.

Then we discuss about colour of navratri days and saree

1.Navratri day1 (Yellow)                   1st day: Goddes Shailaputri Maa                                         Color of that day yellow


2. Navratri day2 (Green)                     2nd day:Goddes Bharmacharini Maa                                  Color of that day green

navratri saree3

3. Navratri day3 (Grey)                         3rd day:Goddes Chandraghanta Maa                                Color of that day grey


4. Navratri day4 (Orange)                          4th day:Goddes Kushmanda Maa                                   Color of that day Orange


5. Navratri day5 (White)                               5th day:Goddes Skandamanda Maa                           Color of that day White


6.Navratri day6 (Red)                                      6th day:Goddes Katyayani Maa                            Color of that day Red


7.Navratri day7 (Royal Blue)                            7th day:Goddes Kaalratri Maa                              Color of that day Royal Blue


8.Navratri day(Pink)                                            8th day:Goddes Maha Gauri Maa                          Color of that day Pink


9.Navratri day(Purple)                                         9th day:Goddes Siddhiratri Maa                         Color of that day Purple


So get your designer saree. We are available all type of designer saree.

Happy Navratri 2017

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Wedding Collection

Lehenga will one of the most popular fashion styles for women.Lehenga is the all time keeper for women.In India, almost women wear lehenga in the wedding.The lehenga design is the most attractive.

Design of lehenga is depending on the fabric. The fabrics are Georgette, Art Silk, Net, and Velvet. Georgette and Net have a nice quality.

The lehenga is a traditional Indian outfit which is made up of a skirt, blouse, and scarf. The Indian lehenga is a popular wear choice for weddings, festivals, and ceremonies. These lehengas come with beautiful handloom work.Lehenga is the most loved and gorgeous Indian outfit.


The right choice of outfit makes u look better. Every Indian woman wants all eyes to be on her at And any special occasion. Lehenga Chunni is highly attractive for their designs and colors. Lehenga chunni is designed using pure Quality fabric. Lehenga Chunni is designed as per the specific demand. Lehenga is available for different size, color, and design. Lehenga is one of them which become the favorite of every woman. Women can wear it in parties, festivals, and wedding ceremonies.


We committed to designing the best lehenga for you.


Bengali Sarees

Bengali style sarees are the most popular version of Indian sarees. Those women who wearing Bengali sarees she is looking gorgeous and good.If you like Bengali sarees then we discuss a type of Bengali sarees.

1.New style Bengali sarees
It is the best sarees for daily wearing. This sarees is simple but those women who wear this sarees looking good without supporting any fancy colour.  You will also admire the border portion along with very small patterns done on the white base.

2.Casual cotton Bengali sarees

It is the best sarees of Bengali women for a long time. This sarees comfortable for women. read more info @